[NetBehaviour] Shift

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jan 8 15:26:11 CET 2021


Electric saz solo shifted against itself in editing, earphones to
hear the cross-over point, experiment in acoustics and technique.
In this difficult time (and for some reason there are fire-
engines across the street, as if something happened at the federal
building; we woke up early, think it's a false alarm), smooth saz
is comforting. We just heard another siren, but people seem to be
returning early to work. The two engines are still there. Are we
all more jumpy than usual? We had very very little sleep, now the
engines are leaving and the deep-throated rumble of nothing has
disappeared. Meanwhile the strange acoustics fascinates me; all
that occurred in post-production.



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