[NetBehaviour] dah dah da dah and tunneled

Johannes Birringer Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk
Tue Jan 12 23:21:10 CET 2021

dear Alan and all

sure I listen to you, whenever i can  and you and Azure's dahdahdah.mp3  brought a big smile.
Thank you. It also sent me back in time, well, yesterday my niece asked me to sent an audio song to her daughter
, for her birthday, so I concocted my own kind of dahdahdah,. Not as good as yours,
But it had a spike, probably not recognizable to my grand-niece, age 5. 
I sang happy birthday dahdadah to my adaptation of The Nice's 1968 version of "America"  --  da   da da    da   da da    da  da da......


which some of you may recall, if you were an avid listener to prog rock and keyboard players (I trained on the piano, Bach, Schubert),
its performance was a perverse & fantastic adaptation Keith Emerson did of Bernstein's silly scene in the West Side Story:

"“la la la,    everything free in America......."  etc

at the end of Emerson, playing at Royal Albert Hall where he burnt the US flag and was subsequently banned for life from playing there,
bass guitarist Lee Jackson recites:

"America is pregnant with
promises & anticipation,
but is murdered by the hand of the inevitable"

last week, watching the frighteningly grotesque scenes on Capitol Hill, my innocent years as a teenager seemed awfully distant, listening to music,
in the year when Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated.

Johannes Birringer

Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com>
Sent: 12 January 2021 05:47

dah dah da dah and tunneled

old sarangi, processing, 5 amazing minutes
earphone, this will soothe you
azure carter, vocals, alan sondheim, guitar,
this will bring a smile

or should it be the other way around, f or q,
free query introductory that lasts 1' 06" ad
hoc ad lib add liberty for your listening
pleasure not to mention (for no one in fact
is listening) your listening delight, what
might in fact be called The Succubus of the
Pleasure of Listening Thought.


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