[NetBehaviour] Screen Burials

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Wed Jan 13 04:16:43 CET 2021

Screen Burials


which reportedly leads to an increased binding affinity to human
and murine ACE2 receptors
which arose from the outbreak linked to farmed minks
which is closed to the furin cleavage site.
which may cause a moderately increased transmissibility
which may be an "escape mutant" for some neutralizing antibodies
which may be an "escape mutant" for some neutralizing antibodies

N501Y Y453F D614G N439K P337S F338L V341I
F342L A344S A348S N354D A352S S359N V367F
N370S A372T A372S F377L K378N K378R P384L
T385A T393P V395I E406Q R408I Q409E Q414R
Q414E K417N A435S W436R N439K N440K K444R
G446V G446S L452R Y453F F456L F456E K458R
K458Q E471Q I472V G476S S477R S477I S477N
T478I P479S N481D G482S V483A V483I G485S
F486S F490S S494P P499R N501Y V503F Y505C
Y508H A520V A520S P521S P521R A522V A522S
D614G D405V, Q414A R683A, R685A, F817P,
A892P, A899P, A942P, K986P, V987P

"Men have lost their reason in nothing so much as their
religion, wherein stones and clouts make Martyrs; and since the
religion of one seems madnesse unto another, to afford an
account or rationall of old Rites, requires no rigid Reader;
That they kindled the pyre aversly, or turning their face from
it, was an handsome symbole of unwilling ministration; That they
washed their bones with wine and milk, that the mother wrapped
them in Linnen, and dryed them in her bosome, the first
fostering part, and place of their nourishment; That they opened
their eyes towards heaven, before they kindled the fire, as the
place of their hopes or originall, were no improper Ceremonies."
"They made use of Musick to excite or quiet the affections of
their friends, according to different harmonies. But the secret
and symbolicall hint was the harmonical nature of the soul;
which delivered from the body, went again to enjoy the primitive
harmony of heaven, from whence it first descended; which
according to its progresse traced by antiquity, came down by
_Cancer,_ and ascended by _Capricornus._"

- Sir Thomas Browne, Hydriotaphia, Urne-Burial, or, A Brief
Discourse of the Sepulchrall Urnes Lately Found in Norfolk,

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