[NetBehaviour] Can art and technology get us to a more sustainable future? Internship | Workshops | Micro-Residency

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Can art and technology get us to a more sustainable future?

Broken Circles <https://brokencircles.github.io/about.html> is a data
visualization and citizen empowerment project enabling more informed choices
for citizens and the planet, linking to social, well-being and health as
well as environmental issues. We are funded by SWCTN
<https://www.swctn.org.uk/data/> and Research England.

Get Involved!

There are many ways you can get involved with Broken Circles:


   Apply to be an Environmental Data Research Intern
   <https://brokencircles.github.io/joinus.html>. The closing date is 21st

   Signup for a free workshop
   on ‘Reimagining Sustainable Citizenship’ while participating in a co-art
   project. Explore your relationship with the things you buy and use, and the
   effects these have on you, others and the planet. Can we create change by
   hacking our psychology to ultimately become happier, healthier beings?

   Apply for a social media micro art residency
   <https://brokencircles.github.io/artcall.html> on the Broken circles blog
   <https://brokencircles.github.io/artcall.html> and instagram channel
   <https://www.instagram.com/bemorecircular/>.The closing date is 21st

Broken Circles are keen to reach people who might not always get
opportunities or feel welcome.

For more information please contact brokencircles at cranbim.com.

Take care,

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