[NetBehaviour] elegaic

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jan 17 04:41:00 CET 2021



rachel rosenkrantz bass
alan sondheim uyghur dutar

was already  was always already  had been already
had been always already  is always already  is
already  has been always already  has been already
will be already  will be always already  will have been
already  will have been always already

nothing in time nothing out of it or would have been rather
some some and some some place and undefined and now and
then and future epidemic forgotten remembered erased written

gases liquids solids plasmas neutron densities black holes
memories is my list complete was my list complete will
my list be complete will there be a listing was there a
listing is there a listing where was it where will it be
where is it now

what are numbers how is this spelled


for dispossessed eradicated annihilated lost incarcerated
dying disappeared exhausted homeless lost in china lost
in usa what are numbers how are they spelled


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