[NetBehaviour] what the thunder said

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Jan 22 08:04:32 CET 2021

what the thunder said





Joyce, not Eliot, but maybe Sondheim, viola braguesa

He said this machine kills fascists but it wasn't the machine
that did that it was severely bruggers and it was under
different circumstances different circumstances then you might
have imagined odd then what had happened was an incredible and
increasing fierceness other part of the outliers or the soldiers
who would've been approaching the barricades with secret
messages and tickets to attend and achieve the impossible did
destruction of the democracy of latter area as soon as possible
and under all means something that was calculable and carefully
planned. From the top to the bottom this guy increasingly
lowered physically . from the top to the bottom of the sky
increasingly lowered physically . And never backed up into
another realm or another world where is it might be an occasion
for the boring or disenfranchisement of freedom. It's always
good to lock freedom in a cell he said. It's always good to lock
freedom anywhere she replied as long as it is not free.
Everything spelled up at this point and the sky turned into
cinema. Everything spede up at this point and this guy turned
into cinerama. Everyone speculated at this point and the guys
suddenly attacked the screen. On the other side of the screen
was the screen. On the other side of that screen was something
that was autoball and increasing in volume. It was the Viola
bragers playing itself. It was the Viola bruggers playing
itself. They held up their hands and created a sign saying
timeout. She held up her hand and created a sign saying time in.
Time in what he replied .This wasn't queuing on they replied
this was nothing of the sort. do you know that the CIA has
secret records of flying saucers which they've released to the
public? It's all in there they said.

That's where fascism begins she said and that's where it ends
they said together .

Then the rains came and there was thunder.

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