[NetBehaviour] The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt

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In 2020 the crypto artist "Beeple" (Mike Winkelmann), that is mentioned in
“The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt (Part 1)”, has broken
records on Gemini’s Nifty Gateway platform by selling a collection of 20
artworks for a sum of $3.5 million:

By the end of this century the value of these 20 Beeple’s artworks may
increase or completely collapse as it may happen to Bitcoins and other
crypto currencies.

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> re: http://cryptoart.wtf
> I mean... It's a great troll but it's not good enough!
> The meme of blockchain's outrageous energy use is a barrier to more
> diverse people entering the development space.
> Blockchain technologies are important because species collapse and climate
> emergency is an effect of the global political economy. Blockchains tech
> like cryptocurrencies, tokens, and smart contracts are the only tools we
> have (as yet) to organise directly p-2-p at a planetary scale.They are
> still new but they offer a way to imagine and realise both money and
> governance at a global scale, independent of states and corporations.
> The debate about blockchain's environmental impact usually focuses around
> its high energy use.
> [EXPLAINER: Blockchains' level of energy use are due to the consensus
> mechanisms (CMs) they use to verify transactions, and to "mine" currency.
> The amount of electricity used varies according to the CM. The two dominant
> CMs are Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS)
> Bitcoin uses PoW and infamously consumes the same amount of electricity as
> 159 countries. Ethereum (the platform for programmable money - and
> therefore the focus of a lot of work on new forms of governance) is moving
> to Eth2 a PoS system which uses far less energy. But this is still 2 years
> off.]
> Questions about the environmental impact of blockchain are important and
> difficult to answer.  It's right that we assess the impact of Blockchains
> but we need better ways to compare all emerging digital infrastructure
> ecosystems - including other financial techs, IoT, ML AI, 5G.
> A focus on reducing energy use is not enough. As @alsodanlowe put it  "It
> would be crazy to ban or dissuade colleagues from participating in an
> effort to decentralize money away from the forces that create the priority
> for fossil fuels (much of it built on debt) just because those forces
> exist. PoW is agnostic. Banks and existing oligarchy is not."
> https://twitter.com/alsodanlowe/status/1317444999361957891
> Blockchain is a future technology. It is built for use in a world of
> clean, limitless, renewable energy.
> Efforts need to focus here...and on the political economies and the
> cultural adoption patterns that they can support and grow beyond
> accumulative self-interest and extractive capitalism if we are avoid
> accelerating climate collapse.
> This morning I retweeted this from Sarah Friend "If I hadn't spent the
> past five years working in crypto, I'd probably be moralizing about it too,
> and this is perhaps part of why I am so profoundly annoyed by its
> superficial detractors - my shadow selves, who know so much less than me
> and are so much more sure they're right"
> https://twitter.com/isthisanart_/status/1352288565850492928
> There's so much more to  say about all of this. Especially about the role
> that art has to play.
> Soon!!!!
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>> The website http://cryptoart.wtf pulls in random blockchain-based
>> CryptoArt from the web, and estimates the ecological impact of each work
>> in terms of energy consumption (kWh), and greenhouse gases released
>> (KgCO2) as a result of blockchain-based transactions relating to the work.
>> https://memoakten.medium.com/the-unreasonable-ecological-cost-of-cryptoart-2221d3eb2053
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