[NetBehaviour] The Unreasonable Ecological Cost of #CryptoArt

Ruth Catlow ruthcatlow at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 12:24:31 CET 2021

Hi Graz,
Our emails crossed in the ether..

The question is what kind of ecological impact each digital artwork
> uploaded and sold at Async Art and/or at any other similar online platforms
> as CryptoArt will have in the short and long term as a result of
> blockchain-based transactions. Probably the vast majority of artists
> selling their digital artwork on those online platforms are not aware of
> that. A detailed scientific study of the ecological impact of selling
> their digital artwork on any of those platforms as CryptoArt must be
> provided to all digital artists so they can make an informed decision if
> they wish to use any of those platforms or not.
> If a detailed scientific study can prove and highlight the ecological
> impact of those online Crypto-Art platforms, then Google, Apple and Amazon
> must block those apps as they recently have blocked the far-right "free
> speech" app Parler.
And yes we agree - we need better research and tools to understand the
ecological impact of technologies and better ways to hold companies to
account. Though how this is achieved is up for discussion - are we now
saying that Google, Apple and Amazon become de-facto global law makers?
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