[NetBehaviour] selfishness of wood

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Jan 26 03:24:23 CET 2021

selfishness of wood


string/s and fingerboard w/ antiquated
biological material, oddly hardened, what
vibrates remains within the fibers,
tendrils: vibrates

i am selfish in all i say and do: vibrating
and always i witness my muscles at work
and trained: theyi imagine what ithey feel
within the wood surfacehollow

i can vibrate so many things in my
imaginationmind mindimagination what i
already perfect my handscurl curledhands
into the thing before the thing afterthing
already picture perfectpicture

i do this in my mind clearmetalresonance
clarityresonance regularities known when
to liftup placedown liftup mindinhales
justapicture sounds so much
listeningtraining listeningfingers moving
in thinwideair

comestome worldsound soundingworld
constantlyalways alwaysgift hearing
beforehand surroundingresonance
resonancesurrounding boneandbody bodybone

selfishnessofwood metalselfishness
worldbreathingalways smallsounds
knockingvibrations worldbreathing i to
that, play breathingworld, sure of it,
breathfingers lungpursedlips into hollows
woodbamboometalplastic speedfingers
fingerspeed woodplanks obstructions
ringing this is the body this is my body
this is the body of the world this is the
body of sound body of air this is the body
body of the movement of the body singing
and changinge of the sound this is the
changing of the sound

the wood says it is selfish says i am
selfish says move don't move says play
don't play says hold everything hold me

says play everything play me (the wood
says) so selfish you're selfish you're in
me (the wood says) i can hear you (it
says) i can hear you in me (it says)

i can hear the changing of the sound i can
hear the ringing of the changes i can hear
my muscles finger movement in the air in
the thin air (i say) in nothing (i say
again) selfishing i am playing thisyou (i
say) you are singing i am moving i am
moving (my fingers i say) i am moving so
selfish (you say) i am doing you image
(you say) you image doing you (i say)
image doing you wood (you say) wood (i
say) image doing you selfish wood my hand
my fingers my breath my lungs (you say)
you are doing this you say (i say) i am
doing this (you say) music (we say) so
selfish (we say) so selfishness (we say)
be quiet (we say) listen


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