[NetBehaviour] Joyce The Dead

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jan 28 00:59:31 CET 2021

Joyce The Dead

https://youtu.be/lQt8lVkwxX0 VIDEO

My husband doesn't know this and when we got back from the
party we were looking out the window . and I remember thinking
that . I remember thinking. he doesn't know any of that
stuff . He has no idea about my life. my name is Susan Joyce I
remember just thinking about the snow and the snow and the
snow and the snow and the snow and I remember thinking about
him dying outside coming towards me and now buried in the
graveyard where slight rustlings brings him closer to me to me
to the surface and then the whole world withdraws . the whole
world withdraws . I remember the snow falling and I remember
it falling up towards the sky. I remember the dark snow and
the bright snow falling up towards the sky falling down . oh
swirling snow ! Oh swirling snow ! Oh swirling snow ! We
learned that we know nothing that we did not know each other
that we had never known each other . the other says the world
has secrets and some are, some are so, are more uncomfortable
than the world .

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