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I find this incredibly chilling

> It is all just incentives.

Bad Shibe manifested a similar world but all the cute jokes, along with
suggestions of more-than-human agency (even if the agent was perhaps a
living meme), somehow softened it.

Its a good call to conjure the cold implacable world of
economic-incentives-only - and strip it bare - so we can really see what we
are dealing with.


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> Seconded! I had to read it twice before I started to understand it.
> There's an epic science fiction novel in here.
> On 30/06/2021 07:46, Annie Abrahams via NetBehaviour wrote:
> Thank you for this strange and beautiful story Rhea
> On Tue, 29 Jun 2021, 22:48 Rhea Myers via NetBehaviour, <
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>> https://twitter.com/rheaplex/status/1402443000454672384
>> The RAFFLE Act (Retreat Away From Flood Level Elevations) mandated
>> withdrawing from rather than fighting rising sea levels. It bankrupted
>> entire cities and made landowners in the “RAFFLE Belt” into trillionares.
>> As a legal dodge, all property by the sea was declared to be $1.
>> These properties were were purchased by funds that mixed them with
>> property far inland and sold them as bundles, showing a massive profit.
>> Until various DAOs bought the bundles using flash loans, broke them up, and
>> sold the prime land for an even higher profit.
>> The DAOs held on to the junk properties, ostensibly to save the gas fees
>> (which were more than the properties were worth). But then asteroid mining
>> started. Asteroids were aerobraked onto the planet and mined by cheap human
>> labour rather than expensive offworld robots.
>> Aerobraking a planet-smasher dumps ridiculous amounts of ash, soot, and
>> grit into the atmosphere. Which reduces the sunlight that hits the Earth’s
>> surface. Which cools it. Suddenly the oceans weren’t going to rise as high.
>> So the DAOs holding junk properties were suddenly quintillionaires. They
>> cut up submerged buildings and glued them together on the newly high land
>> and undercut RAFFLE Belt landlords. The RAFFLE Zones became vibrant
>> economic and cultural hubs.
>> The other thing that cutting out the sun and hitting the planet with the
>> force of a frat party of Tsar Bombas does is to make bits of the planet
>> where nobody and nothing important lives uninhabitable. Some of the RAFFLE
>> DAOS were Deodands, onchain land and wildlife proxies. And this left them
>> understandably angry. With their newfound wealth they could incentivize
>> those humans plugged directly in onchain to do something about it. From
>> ecoterrorism to mass protests to rituals of morning. Those ridden by any
>> DAO in this way are known as “horses”, a piece of classic cyberpunk
>> cultural appropriation. Over time as action and protest failed, all that
>> was left for the deodands were the horses of mourning rituals. The
>> superstars of the deep anthropocene, the fame and incentives for their
>> inhuman performances unimaginable.
>> And yet however many APUs the deodands spin up to embody their grief they
>> do not understand it’s subjectivity. One of them has a plan to address
>> this. If there are any ethical problems with the plan, the deodand cannot
>> see them. And therefore they do not exist for it.
>> It is all just incentives.
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