[NetBehaviour] What I've learned from the working on the Precedents.txt

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jul 5 02:18:36 CEST 2021

What I've learned from the working on the Precedents.txt


1. In the sense of producing a coherent body of work suitable
for gallery exhibitions, I'm not an artist. My work is always

2. My work tends to be physically small and proof-of-concept
rather than 'finished.'

3. It rarely comes in series, but more in accumulations.

4. It's difficult to display.

5. I tend to give my gallery displays away at the end of a show
instead of attempting sales (which would never occur). I've never
had a dealer.

6. I'm more interested in theory, ideas, the world as it is, a
kind of fundamental thinking that problematizes itself, rather
than production.

7. Mind and body are paramount in the work, and both may draw any
theoretically purified aesthetics down into the muck.

9. My work is usually thought and experiment. It's never
"done." It's always philosophical one way or another. It tends
towards a mistaken idea of the ultimate and another mistaken idea
of the grounds.

10. I always approach the world with a sense of wonder, thinking
through debris, desire, structure, immersive and/or definable

11. I think obsessively about everything and see simultaneity in

12. Somehow my work has generally but not entirely avoided
critical assessments, articles, discussions, publications,
reviews, recognitions, financing, and descriptions in various
art, electronic literature, music, etc. histories, and

13. I have learned more from my students than they have from me.

14. I am too critical, tormented with self-doubt, self-hatred,
and obsession, I'm too much a "difficult person" which I trace
back increasingly to an upbringing that was somewhat harrowing

15. My art "objects" are all trivial in a sense, although the
thought behind them is not.

16. I've never learned anything in depth. I've never been able to
learn anything in depth. I've never mastered anything.

17. I should stop doing assessments like this.


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