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This sounds wonderful! I'm really interested in Blake, and l love the 
Proverbs of Hell. Unfortunately I'm on Linux...


On 07/07/2021 18:02, Paul Hertz via NetBehaviour wrote:
> This is probably the sort of thing I should mention in this list, the 
> product of long research and hard work, though I guess it may also 
> qualify as self-promo.
> /Fools Paradise/, a virtual world based on the "Proverbs of Hell" of 
> English poet and artist William Blake, can be downloaded from 
> https://dimoda.art/, the Digital Museum of Digital Art. It is part of 
> an anthology of VR works, DiMoDA 3.0, that includes work by six 
> different artists. The download is donation ware, with the money going 
> to Covid relief. The software will run on MacOS and Windows (separate 
> downloads, though) either on the desktop or with a tethered VR headset 
> if you have the right hardware.
> Perched on a highland in the form of an immense open book with a 
> stream of language/water running down its center, the virtual world 
> offers forty- eight interactive pavilions linked by a network of 
> paths. Each pavilion interprets a proverb as a song for soprano, 
> flute, cello, and spoken voice, as a mask, and as calligraphy. VR 
> architecture and code were created by Paul Hertz, music by Stephen 
> Dembski, sculptural masks by Mark Klink, and calligraphy by Koy 
> Suntichotinun
> The VR architecture and the music are the result of a collaborative 
> process of intermedia composition that Stephen Dembski and I engaged 
> in over several years. In 2018 we showed our work at the XCoAx 
> conference in Madrid. You can read our presentation 
> <https://2018.xcoax.org/xCoAx2018.pdf#%5B%7B%22num%22%3A801%2C%22gen%22%3A0%7D%2C%7B%22name%22%3A%22Fit%22%7D%5D> 
> in the online Proceedings <https://2018.xcoax.org/>.
> The work traveled extensively from 2018 to 2020, starting at SIGGRAPH 
> Asia in Bangkok, with stops in Vietnam, Arles, NYC, Chicago, Mexico 
> City, Lima, Toronto, Carbondale, Los Angeles, and points in between. 
> If you're so inclined, you can see the interview Stephen and I did 
> with Will Robertson and Alfredo Salazar Caro earlier this year: 
> https://www.twitch.tv/videos/879732357
> cheers,
> -- Paul
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