[NetBehaviour] Leonardo’s broken heart

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Tue Jul 13 03:25:19 CEST 2021

This is a link to a new recording I just made https://www.instagram.com/tv/CRP1QX3qADP/?utm_medium=copy_link

I wondered if L had his heart 
Then thought of course - who hasn’t

L flicked the quill stub he 
Was trying to write with
Through the open window.
Then he took a large bite
From a mozzarella sandwich.
As he chewed he thought the
Thing had no taste
And he simultaneously listened
To the screeching sounds
Of two foxes in the garden
And thought about the dead
Feeling he had that was sitting
On top of the yearning and
Aching feeling that underpinned
He dropped the sandwich 
And merely stepped out of 
The door and leaned against
The porch in the pale star light.  He hummed a little
Tune very quietly to himself..
It was that Pooh song that Pooh
Had sung to Piglet.
- the more it snows tiddly Pom the more my toes.. and 
So on.


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