[NetBehaviour] Weise7 Studio events // Berlin, August 2021

Danja Vasiliev (Robot) robot at k0a1a.net
Tue Jul 13 18:13:36 CEST 2021


Here is a quick roundup on what's happening IRL at Weise7 Studio this 
We have a full program stretching from 25 July to 31 Aug.

Details and links on https://weise7.org and some teasers below:

 > 25 July-1 Aug > *KHK Neue Medien Summer Rundgang* exhibition 
featuring works by Sarah Grant's students, including opening and closing 
night performances and an online gallery hosted by @new_art_city

 >> 6-8 Aug >> *Intro to Software Defined Radio* (SDR) workshop led by 
Bengt Sjolen and Danja Vasiliev.
Details && tickets: 

 >>> 14-15 Aug >>> *Selfhosted* led by Danja Vasiliev and Sarah Grant, 
on how to set up your own web server + services.
Details && tickets: 

 >>>> 20-22 Aug >>>> *Experimental Signal Processing with Slime Mould* 
led by Sarah Grant and Bengt Sjolen. We will learn cultivation 
techniques for our favorite yellow amoeba and how to grow slime mould 
'wires' for use in noise making electronics.
Details && tickets: 

 >>>>> 24-31 Aug >>>>> *Decoding Black Magic* *Interventions in 
Infrastructure* Exhibition with work by Bengt Sjolen, Danja Vasiliev, 
Julian Oliver in collaboration with Piksel Festival.
List of works here: 

See you here >>>>>> https://weise7.org


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