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Hi Jorn,

Yes, Ele would have been around in Newcastle, before Sheffield and later in
London, now living in Sweden.

I often think we need more books that issue forth timelines where histories
and current themes and contexts are examined in a way not as new or old but
as an assemblage of connecting energies and explorations, rather than the
typical linear canons we're fed. This would make representation more
humane, less cruel and less isolating culturally.

All these past links with artists and places out there.

A warm thanks.


On Wed, 14 Jul 2021 at 13:21, Jorn Ebner <je at jornebner.de> wrote:

> Hi Marc
> Thanks for the response -
> Ele would have been around in Newcastle, when some of the performances
> were streamed in the 2000s… we were all part of the same, sort of, community
> between 2001 and 2005. Besides Ncl.ac.uk , there was also what has now
> been re-labeled D6: Culture.
> My personal connection: Monica was my 3rd year tutor at Saint Martins in
> 1997/1998. Later we were Ono the same  AHRB research fellowship at
> Newcastle university, one year apart. We shared a flat for two years,
> discussed art and socialism (sort of). I participated in one her
> performances, „reading human material“ 2005. We presented our works
> together at a Digiville talk at Lighthouse, Brighton. In 2009 we organized
> a happening called "House Warming" on the site of our former shared council
> flat in Newcastle. After I moved to Berlin, she performed "Anniversary - an
> act of memory", Act 08 17.05.2009 with Maria Morata in my flat, labeled
> Jorn Ebner Showroom. When Suzy Treister and Susan Hiller asked me to write
> an essay for the compendium about her work, "Ethical Actions: A Critical
> Fine Art Practice“, I focussed on our collaborative performances – and also
> spoke about those at the conference that was staged in the British Library
> prior to publication.
> When "Just for Now" appeared online, we were both in Newcastle, and
> discussed our respective approaches to online works. For Monica, I think,
> the piece was a repository of scattered pieces: prints, books, drawings,
> live performance and streaming performances; my own approach was slightly
> different, but we shared the interest in the performative in general, and
> in fractured browser window displays. "Just for Now", I believe, is also a
> stepping stone, an instance of her engagement with Walter Benjamin, of the
> act of rewriting, translating and immersing. In the same way, "reading
> human material" was a communicative act of translation: "Just for now“
> translates the various acts of engagement with philosophy and art practice
> into this, then still fairly new thing.
> I feel I can’t say much on her behalf. Apart from: the piece was mirrored
> on rhizome at the time; she worked with hyperkit, who did the programming.
> All the best
> Jorn
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> Hi Jorn,
> Thanks for sharing this. It's nice to revisit a net artwork again.
> Browsing through the HTML interface is refreshing. It is a shame the videos
> are not there because to view a Monica Ross performance would give it a
> visceral element in contrast to the clean conceptual side of the whole
> piece.
> Also, I think there are some strong links between Ross's work and current
> feminist artists such as Cassie Thornton and Ele Carpenter, where their
> art, ethics and politics merge.
> I notice you were part of a symposium discussing Monica Ross and her use of
> Technology - https://www.bl.uk/events/monica-ross--a-symposium#
> Could you unpack some context about this work you've shared with us, such
> as how much you have involved in it yourself and what did her work mean to
> you?
> Wishing you well.
> Marc
> On Sat, 10 Jul 2021 at 13:53, Jorn Ebner <je at jornebner.de> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I have been meaning to send this brief info to this list for some time:
> Monica Ross, who passed in June 2013, produced the online repository for
> "Just for Now" in the 2000s (the project itself started in 1997). It has
> been republished recently, again at
> http://justfornow.net/
> The piece(s) deal with transcriptions in a larger context. Check for
> yourselves.
> Unfortunately the videos haven?t been updated yet, but I think it is a
> beautiful online piece.
> Best
> Jorn
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Wishing you well



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