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Simon this is great!  I was just reading Calvino's second story in Cosmicomics yesterday, the nebula one, it reminds in the best sense.

Resonates too somehow with the Madonna of the Rocks, not Wasps haha, a picture confusing to me of which I prefer the more pointed Louvre version which got il pittore in trouble a bit.  :)

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Drawing is here - https://www.instagram.com/p/CRU5FR7n_GJ/?utm_medium=copy_link

So they had this illusion
About it all.
Came about around the time
Speech developed.
The relatively sudden, formal
Trappings meant they started to carve space and time into great blocks - bricks - layers and packages.
They carved it up with saws,
Chiselled it, stacked it in huge warehouses.
Sat on it. Gambled across it
With dice / men in blue overalls.
And the suites collated it and
Then decided to try to cut into it.
First with blow torches - it went rainbow coloured and glowed dull red.
Then with oxy/acetalyne and
Eventually they called in the
Thermic lance.
Great brutish men and some
Less macho types hauled in
The gear. These ex-cons and
Some villainous types had the beer bellies and the tattoos, the smart woollen jumpers in pastel shades, slicked hair and cologne - they worked the blocks of
Time and space with the
High end gear.
They crushed it and flowed it
Into reservoirs and compression vessels.
Some sautéed it with butter, and added onions with side
Orders of chips.
Then they tried to separate it.
They used the latest tech and science to do the difficult job.
They succeeded.
Time flowed like a river. It melted and Escaped through
Little cracks.
Space started to dry up. It
Started to wrinkle and pucker.
It got scaly and shrivelled, then a breeze blew it off the
Time was on the run. It got well ahead of them, it danced about, looped up and back, sideways and in
Little vortices it corkscrewed
About like a mad thing spreading its hairy arms and
Great ugly toes on the linoleum, slipping on the spilled fat, the toes finally
Finding the little pile left by
That ruddy cat in the dining
Room - the horrid feel of the
Soft cat shit getting stuck
Between three of the toes of
Time had had it this time.
It stood quite still and a funny
Look crossed its face. Its eyes went glassy and it got
A bit serious.
It glanced quickly about to find space. Space was under the dining table. It had a wind- Up clockwork mouse between its jaws and a brown paper bag over its head and was trying to suppress a great sneeze - all
That dust under there...
Time was not impressed.
Consequently time and space remained separated.
Humans disappeared.
Beings outside time and space found it quite interesting and even a bit
They laughed about it, and cried, and patted their heads
While rubbing their bellies,
Which why could do simultaneously because everything always happened
At the same exact moment
Because of the fact that time
And space, as we know it, didn’t exist in their bit of the
Giant cosmos. They had a pretty different system.
Their beings existed like a sort of small popping sound - Pop! But boy, what a pop it
Was - to them that popped!
The moral?
Keep the cat out of the dining room.

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