[NetBehaviour] Erhu and Thunderstorm

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jul 18 04:37:34 CEST 2021

Erhu and Thunderstorm


I haven't played erhu in a year. Today was a thunderstorm. Would
I have the courage to play the right notes? An awkward start and
then those repetitive arcs of acumen came into play. I could
jump for joy! But I was playing erhu.

Ignore the first 30-40 seconds. I was just getting into it. It's
been a long time. The fingering and bowing are complex. But I
was playing erhu! And it came, burrowing through, and in my mind
the thunderstorm, yes!

Why when I close my eyes do I hear happiness. Why when I stop my
ears do I see happiness. I look across the street here 4 stories
up and everywhere I look there's happiness. I know almost all of
this is in my mind and my imagination. I can't lose it I can't
get rid of it. I just love hammering out the same notes over and
over again. You've all heard this before from me. I used to be
called Johnny One Note. Never mind. Never you mind that. Never
mind. Never you mind that.

(This is an old school one from central China. I had to set it
up. I used a different form of bridge, actually a small fret
from an unknown instrument. It had no bridge. The base is wider,
the tone mellower. The setup, strings, and bow are all erhu.)

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