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The drawing, unusually, sold as I added the finishing cross 
Hatching and signature, in the cafe I happened to be 
Working in. One apparently spontaneous and happy buyer! https://www.instagram.com/p/CRrhrIOn7xj/?utm_medium=copy_link

- what’s that loping music I 

- ah, they called it ‘jazz’. Feel
The edgy atmosphere it embodies. 
It’s got tension inbuilt. ‘Twas
The advanced harmonies 
Employed. All those sevenths and thirteenth chords - mucks about with 
Your ears... makes sense, but
Has plenty of dissonant
Buildup, then resolves.

- I love it! That rhythm..?

- oh yeah. They played 
With the beat. The bluesy stuff often brought to mind a 
Feeling of a sort of edgy and
Urban outsider. Like a soundtrack for the disaffected or downtrodden.
Criminal underworlds. Those
Who had to go outside the
Shitstem so to speak.

- I get you.

Bronwen took off the headphones and resumed
Writing in her diary.

Leon picked up the electric
Mandolin, and switching
On the amplifier he strummed a few licks then
Meandered off on an improvisation that sounded
Like a theme tune to a 
Children’s cartoon from a few centuries hence, albeit with
16c overtones. 

L stopped abruptly and, throwing down the instrument lolled back in his
Rocker and dozed off.

B went to the pub.

The cat set off on its nightly
Rounds of the local middens.


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