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> "To understand something about the motion of the universe, you must merge
> the center and the poles, aiding yourself as best you can by your
> imagination [italics mine].  For example, if someone were on the earth but
> beneath the north pole [of the heavens] and someone else were actually at
> the north pole [of the heavens], then just as to the one on the earth it
> would appear that the pole is at the zenith [from that point], so to the
> one at the actual pole it would it appear that the centre is at the zenith
> [from that point].  And just as antipodes have the sky above, as do we, so
> to those who are at either pole the earth would appear to be at the zenith
> [from their point].  And at whichever [of these] anyone would be, they
> would believe themselves to be at the centre.  Therefore, merge these
> different imaginative [italics mine] pictures so that the centre is the
> zenith and vice versa.  Thereupon you will see -- through the intellect to
> which only learned ignorance [italics mine] is of
>  help, that the world and its motion [italics mine] and shape cannot be
> apprehended.  For [the world] will appear as a wheel in a wheel and a
> sphere in a sphere -- having its circumference nowhere, as was stated."

It’s interesting how this fanciful 14th c. notion of the universe parallels
my own 21st c. idea:

[steps on soapbox] It is my belief that before we have the proverbial
flying car, we must get a handle on what they call Quantum Loop Theory
(QLT). After years of TV, videos, and popular-level physics books, I have
surmised that QLT is fundamental to not only getting a hold of controlling
gravity, but plays a part into the apparent fathomless intensity of a Black
Hole (BH). There still seems to be some question as to the fact that once
something has crossed the Event Horizon it is lost to the BH. By now anyone
familiar with space photography will be aware of the jets that are seen
emanating from some BHs. These are new universes, the other side of
wormholes. We all know of Einstein’s fundamental equation and how the
*speed* of light plays a crucial factor. Combined with spin, one universe
is transformed into another.

Also, the loop as a motif often shows up in my own work.

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