[NetBehaviour] ZADLDAZ & The Odd (Re)Turn

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Jul 29 05:38:21 CEST 2021

ZADLDAZ & The Odd (Re)Turn

https://youtu.be/T61NNKOOHUA VIDEO

ZADL is back with a new recording, somewhat strange - guitar
and hegelung sound odd, there are several digital overdrives
(not bad), the sync between sight and sound tends to wander
into the usually strange territory, it sounds incredibly
different between earphones and speakers, it wonders why it
exists and therefore why does the world exist - or does it?
and and - we haven't recorded like this for a while because
of various harrowings, but I do think this is worthwhile, as
is the world - or is it? I honestly can't answer that for
anyone including myself, and if I did know the answer I'd
most likely be very quiet about it and perhaps I am.

In any case, do enjoy, skip about, it's 42 minutes -

Azure Carter, song / voice
Rachel Rosenkrantz, bass
Edward Schneider, alto sax
Alan Sondheim, in order -
erhu, shakuhachi, flute, viola, guitar, hegelung

(So clever, ZADL = 2nd letter of the first names of ZADL.)

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