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They were hot days. Some of the days were clean. That is they were warm and clean. A gentle breeze blew, flicking the horses’ tails, disturbing the potato blossoms and cleaning away any traces of a humid or unsavoury air.

There was an overarching atmosphere of freshness. This was into August, and although the trees trailed their great boughs across the landscapes creating the deep green shadows, with the edges of woods enticing you to enter, their greenery was as yet without that first hint of brown and russet.

Meanwhile a strange craft, a delicate mass of thin poles and beams, metallic surfaces of purple and orange with slivers of black and silver, and trailing vines and strings, with ropes and tackle, swayed down in a gracious arc through the pale green air, landing gently with a little puff of grey smoke on the mass of what looked like anthracite and mica glitterings.

Two figures emerged from the mess of poles and string, and tentatively walked to the edge of the black sand where wavelets fell on the mica and little creatures ran about.

They gazed out over the aqua sea.

You see, the water feels very different here.

On dipping her hand into the water the woman examined the texture of the substance squirming across her knuckles.

It’s like water but seems much thinner and filigree with a shiny, refracting and almost crystalline nature about it. It’s like a liquid but also behaves like dust. Ha ha dusty water.

Yes, how fine it feels.

And L dipped his hand and scooped the watery dust, trickling it down his arm enjoying the strange feeling which although physical, was simultaneously emotional. 

let’s stay on Mars, for a while at least. Time took us back many millions of years, and as we guessed, Mars has this gorgeous sea, plus those lilac clouds and all this nice air. I don’t mind missing August, even though it was a very nice August and so clean and tidy this year?

Fair play.

So they hung out on Mars, trekked about on the slug-sledge, met loads of new people - the locals were many limbed and quite lithe, with pure telepathic awareness and no other senses except touch. They had frilly skin and were fairly randomly shaped, and vaguely humanoid.

Everything was conveyed by emotion or feeling. There were as many nuanced feelings as we have words.

So it was a rollercoaster for the earth humans, who never imagined they could feel so much in so short a time.

Fir instance when a Martian might say - would you like some salt on those chips - it was like feeling a vague uncertainty, slight unease, quite happy and then feeling absolutely sure of something. All at the same time, or rather in a sort of flow of quickly changing sense. Chips came into it too somewhere in there...

But they were fast learners and just rolled with it, adapting to the new style and enjoying the challenge although there were many tears shed before bedtime shall we say. And much laughter.

Fir instance when a Martian casually asked Leo - hand me those pliers please - Leo took several minutes to recover from the paroxysm of laughter that ensued, his sides ached as he rolled around on the ground ha ha ha ha ha. And he muttered to himself - why do pliers have to be so funny - as the fit subsided to a chuckle and the occasional guffaw.

Yes, so quickly did they adapt that they almost forgot earth style and they were happy - along with about twenty thousand other emotions.

The cerise and lavender sky trailed its evening arms across the mysterious fortress of schist and mica, the flat topped mountains marching down to the bay of dusty waves in the oaken evening as a great bird of the apocalypse flipped her wings at the dusk and the inevitable cloak of the blood red Martian night.

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