[NetBehaviour] Noodling on Shakuhachi

Alan Sondheim sondheim at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 19:38:46 CEST 2021

It does sit nicely and other than my incessant daily work, I think it's
great; I wrote to Ruth I'll post less which I think will help.
Maybe there should be a noodling list, and thank you!

Best, Alan

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> This is a lovely piece of music Alan. The setting is apt.
> This list and it’s people should remain if possible.
> It’s important.
> For some reason it sits nicely
> In its own space.
> Simon
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> > On 6 Jun 2021, at 05:44, Alan Sondheim <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
> >
> >
> > Noodling on Shakuhachi
> >
> > https://youtu.be/y_XMZyijsjY video
> > http://www.alansondheim.org/noodling.jpg
> >
> > One I was playing electric guitar before some people came in and
> > this guy says to me you're noodling's driving me crazy and I
> > think he left and that was that but noodling's really the only
> > way to break the mold let your fingers do whatever they want to
> > do and sometimes it just cranks underground and sometimes it
> > goes up into some kind of air and you think well that's it and
> > it's about time it's it and then you might incorporate or think
> > now this kind of satori's for me just like that and what I've
> > got is a state of mind and mind my state and that's really
> > bringing stuff together that I couldn't manage otherwise so for
> > my sanity I'll play shakuhachi just letting the riffs repeat
> > maybe over and over again or another thing altogether not trying
> > to make a whole or hole out of its parts and then you can listen
> > or not and so we were out in the gazebo by the pond and I had my
> > 1.6 wood with me and just did this little bit and thought well
> > that's more interesting than it might have been and I have to
> > say the swans and mallards thought so to because they come over
> > slow to listen for a bit and maybe they thought they'd get food
> > if they listened politely but really I want to believe they
> > really liked the music and it made them happy so maybe just
> > letting my breath and fingers do their thing and my mind more
> > relaxed than it might look and that's really good for your
> > health as long as the notes come through pure to me and to the
> > fauna come gathered around and that guy he took off and I don't
> > think I've seen him again to this day but I'm still playing one
> > thing or another usually one at a time and this is the time and
> > the 1.6 is the one
> >
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