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Mon Jun 7 13:06:56 CEST 2021

Dear friends and collegues,

Some of you got this alreaqdy in their private mailing box. For those that
don't :

I am very happy to be able to invite you to an *Angry Women* performance in
the frame of the Magdalena:On:Line
<https://onlinefestival.themagdalenaproject.org/> festival.
25/06 <https://onlinefestival.themagdalenaproject.org/angry-women-1/> 17:30
26/06 <https://onlinefestival.themagdalenaproject.org/angry-women-2/> 20:00
Each performance will be *a 15 minute multilingual improvisation on anger*
by the participants of a 90 min. long workshop. There will be a Q&A with
the audience afterwards.

*Angry* and wanting to participate in a *performance*?
Join the workshop
<https://onlinefestival.themagdalenaproject.org/angry-women-workshop/> on *June
23, 16:00 - 17:30* (Up to 18 participants)

*Utterings* had a great time at ELO 2021.
Here are the *Supra Semiotics* performance video
<https://utterings.hotglue.me/?elo> and the video and a .pdf with related
rearitings <https://utterings.hotglue.me/?elo> of the *Toward a
Supra-Semiotic Telepresent Communication* panel.

*stof / dust* Video by Suzon Fuks, Text by Annie Abrahams.
*27/06, 12:00 CET* I will participate in *Suzon Fuks'* performance *Be Like
For this performance 6 Artists from around the world: *Amaranta Osorio*, *Nasim
Khosravi*, *Parvathy Baul*, *Ya-Ling Peng*, *Younghee Park* and I, wrote a
text on obsolescence and old age.
After the performance we all meet in the *Be Like Body-Obsolete panel*
<https://onlinefestival.themagdalenaproject.org/6-writers/>(13:00 CET) to
discuss the performance and our processes with the audience.

Attention: All events in the frame of the Magdalena:On:Line
<https://onlinefestival.themagdalenaproject.org/> festival need booking.

I hope you will enjoy your Summer.
All the best
Annie Abrahams
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