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Hello all. shapeshifters!

just watched Alan's video and also realized it may be the last one, as he may not be posting his poetic writing and music here, anymore....
so I watch it as the last one Alan! thank you....

The conversations about how we might shift this "net- behavior" and become more attuned again to what Ruth and Marc may have imagined -
"a place for free and open artistic experimentation with networked media, and community building"  is very intriguing. I just reread the many postings here, and am stimulated and confused, loving all the responses, disagreeing with some......as it should be. I try to be short;  Ruth's parables of the forest (and our poor presence as merely "ethnographic peculiarities") inspired me:  >a campfire in some unmanaged ancient woodland...>>......>>The woods around the campfire are full of watchers and listeners (who knows who??)<<

...the analogies resonated with me, especially over the last 14 months in a pandemic that made me leave academia and spend more time in the forest, recording, performing, linking up, in the valley, with my village community, inventing new rituals, listening to others and what they thought the "latende Allmende" (latent commons, as Anna Tsing calls it in her book on mushrooms and living in the ruins of capitalism) might be like. No one knew exactly, but we talked, and took our masks off.... and walked along the river [see pic]

Well.. what is our "latende Allmende" going to be, with other (younger) participants? do we know the age and gender of the members who post here? i don't, and it never mattered, nor the the number of subscribers ("we don't really know much about us") ? 643,  1625?  59?
is that true?

well, if the commons are evoked, and Furherfield's new director, and new policies or strategic aims (inclusivity, intersectionality, link to local neighborhood) are mentioned in the organization's remit, now what exactly do you want us to do, in our shapeshifting? Have we not actually been engaged....learning/contributing "about what it means to aim for a commons of diverse cultures in connected physical to digital realms. It requires careful planning, partnership building and a lot of production work"......

yes, it does. and we do.

with warm regards
Johannes Birringer

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Glitch / Saturday Night

Our Saturday night last night with sanshin

https://youtu.be/VbQoNVVumw0 Video

Found this remnant from 2005:

"Digital Stretched Analog
160 pages (or less)
Selected essays / codework.
Reproductions of digital / avatar images.

The act of stretching breaks the raster (the "sampling rate" or
net) of the digital; the content is stretched beyond the ability
of filtering to keep up. The result is a broken digital 'object,'
an image that is more analog than digital, more surgical than

My images and essays inhabit this surgery, this wound, between
the two orders - analogic / digital or continuous / discrete.

The essays are of two sorts:
analog / digital theory

Codework is the interstice of subtext and text, what goes on
beneath the surface disrupting what is on the surface, and vice
versa. Codework questions both communication and language; and
the channels or media that convey them."

- A book proposal that went nowhere.
- But an interesting comment - stretch, wound, surgery, breaks.
- But we always ignore the raster or rather take it for granted.
- Surely a mistake because the stretch creates a rough tear.
- Something of interest there, neither fractal nor serrated.
- I csn only imagine.

- Saturday night noise from the place on the corner.
- Connected to our building, I can't think straight.
- I use the opportunity to play sanshin.
- I'm nervous and in the 3rd part play poorly.
- The 3rd part is unprocessed unlike parts 1 and 2.
- Parts 1 and 2 use dynamic amplitude processing.
- Rough tears everywhere in the fabric of time.

(update, our ward councilman is taking up the noise issue)
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