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I was a bit puzzled when Alan wrote that -empyre a list where many of us
belong and has participated for more than ten years is about politics. Did
I misread you Alan? That’s the difficulties inherent to have English as
third language :) I feel I sometimes misses nuances and shades.
Because for me, a former political prisoner, everything is political, the
way Furtherfield was created their work to put street art and digital
creation in the first place, etc. This list is for me a political list as
-empyre. They are managed differently but for me it’s a formal difference
not a crucial one.
I should love Netbehaviour to renew itself from bottom up and find in our
own practice and work the tools for a change. But not a cosmetic change but
a change in a deep sense.
If not we risk to do what Burt Lancaster said in il Gatopardo, Lampedusas
great novel and a great movie:
“ We must change something to keep the things as they are”.


On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 at 06:25, Alan Sondheim via NetBehaviour <
netbehaviour at lists.netbehaviour.org> wrote:

> Hi Ruth,
> I think you misunderstand, or I do. For me it is a Commons, absolutely,
> precisely because it's not steered by anyone. Steering is restrictive; it
> becomes something else, you're asserting power, of course, as list owners.
> It's been running fine for everyone I've talked to. I think when you say
> "feel the shape of the community" that also implies perhaps that you want a
> different sort of commons, where you alter that shape.
> None of us want to let it go and as far as I can tell, none of us have
> felt we couldn't post or threatened or that we needed guidance or anything
> else. There are lists that have tried that - Poetics, which ultimately
> collapsed; the old Fiction of Philosophy list which I ran and tried to
> structure, and so forth. I can find that sort of thing even on Facebook.
> Clearly we have different ideas of the Commons; mine is similar to occupy,
> comes from bottom up; yours is top down. I never meant to imply by the way
> that you should steer the list, just the opposite.
> It has to do with power, and clearly you and Marc have that and are
> dissatisfied with what others find valuable and enjoy, a community from the
> bottom up, and one that's pretty self-regulating.
> If you let it go, there's no ceremony, it's a disaster based on your
> decisions, not the members of the list. If it's that you're tired of
> running it, because of technical issues, I'm sure a small group of us could
> take that over; it's not difficult.
> Best, Alan, getting increasingly despondent over all of this. And now I
> have a close relative who has cancer, I might drop out. Argh.
> On Tue, Jun 8, 2021 at 4:57 AM Ruth Catlow <ruthcatlow at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear All!
>> Firstly, Alan I also love your posts -the pattern which I think of as an
>> art ping, and the content (when I watch, listen, read it) is a portal into
>> your art practise which I really enjoy and value.
>> I also think that Alan has a point in saying that Marc and I should
>> provide a steer as list owners. I have a few ideas that I will share at the
>> weekend (it's a hardcore project week this week for me).
>> But in the meantime keeping the conversation open is allowing us to see
>> and feel the shape of the community. It has been so useful to hear from
>> Gretta, Patrick, Paul, Ana, Annie, Johannes, Erik and all. More please! We
>> also appreciate various offers from people to contribute financially to the
>> lists upkeep.
>> We regard the value in this list as the strange undefined collective
>> property of everyone who has ever contributed. But as it is currently set
>> up, it is not a Commons. I personally, would like it if it were.
>> We can also consider Annie's suggestion of letting it go. But if that's
>> the way it goes (and this is not what I want) it should certainly not be
>> done casually, rather with the ceremony befitting the splendour of all that
>> has ever occurred here ; )
>> I do want to reassure you Alan, we will make no sudden moves! The whole
>> point of discussing this now is that it is not an emergency. We just need
>> to work out who "we" are and what "we" want.
>> Warmly
>> Ruth
>> On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 11:48 PM Alan Sondheim via NetBehaviour <
>> netbehaviour at lists.netbehaviour.org> wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> I think we need some guidance; both Ruth and Marc seem unhappy with
>>> Netbehaviour as it is.
>>> I'm not sure myself whether to post or not.
>>> Certainly calls could be put out to all the subscribers to indicate
>>> whether they want to continue as such or not.
>>> It's all about "as such or not" I think. Technically, Marc and Ruth are
>>> list-owners, I believe. Ultimately they're responsible for the direction of
>>> the list in the sense that any of us could be unsubscribed at the very
>>> least.
>>> There are times I've had to unsub people and that's always painful, as
>>> would be, at least for us, shutting the list down.
>>> I have no idea what to do. I find the situation hugely depressing.
>>> Netbehaviour may be derailing, certainly as a commons. And the longer this
>>> discussion is drawn out, the worse
>>> things will get, at least that's been my experience.
>>> Meanwhile I keep writing/performing/worlding, whatever I do.
>>> Best, whatever that is,
>>> Alan
>>> On Mon, Jun 7, 2021 at 5:57 PM Johannes Birringer <
>>> Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk> wrote:
>>>> Hello all. shapeshifters!
>>>> just watched Alan's video and also realized it may be the last one, as
>>>> he may not be posting his poetic writing and music here, anymore....
>>>> so I watch it as the last one Alan! thank you....
>>>> The conversations about how we might shift this "net- behavior" and
>>>> become more attuned again to what Ruth and Marc may have imagined -
>>>> "a place for free and open artistic experimentation with networked
>>>> media, and community building"  is very intriguing. I just reread the many
>>>> postings here, and am stimulated and confused, loving all the responses,
>>>> disagreeing with some......as it should be. I try to be short;  Ruth's
>>>> parables of the forest (and our poor presence as merely "ethnographic
>>>> peculiarities") inspired me:  >a campfire in some unmanaged ancient
>>>> woodland...>>......>>The woods around the campfire are full of watchers and
>>>> listeners (who knows who??)<<
>>>> ...the analogies resonated with me, especially over the last 14 months
>>>> in a pandemic that made me leave academia and spend more time in the
>>>> forest, recording, performing, linking up, in the valley, with my village
>>>> community, inventing new rituals, listening to others and what they thought
>>>> the "latende Allmende" (latent commons, as Anna Tsing calls it in her book
>>>> on mushrooms and living in the ruins of capitalism) might be like. No one
>>>> knew exactly, but we talked, and took our masks off.... and walked along
>>>> the river [see pic]
>>>> Well.. what is our "latende Allmende" going to be, with other (younger)
>>>> participants? do we know the age and gender of the members who post here? i
>>>> don't, and it never mattered, nor the the number of subscribers ("we don't
>>>> really know much about us") ? 643,  1625?  59?
>>>> is that true?
>>>> well, if the commons are evoked, and Furherfield's new director, and
>>>> new policies or strategic aims (inclusivity, intersectionality, link to
>>>> local neighborhood) are mentioned in the organization's remit, now what
>>>> exactly do you want us to do, in our shapeshifting? Have we not actually
>>>> been engaged....learning/contributing "about what it means to aim for a
>>>> commons of diverse cultures in connected physical to digital realms. It
>>>> requires careful planning, partnership building and a lot of production
>>>> work"......
>>>> yes, it does. and we do.
>>>> with warm regards
>>>> Johannes Birringer
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