[NetBehaviour] tomorrow's post, Sarangi, other

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Jun 9 22:55:41 CEST 2021

(Thank you everyone for these discussions! I learn so much from NB.
Two things - I've been looking at the old Dodge/Kitchin Atlas of 
Cyberspace - you can find it online 2nd-hand - and it's amazing, a
lot to be explored and (still) drawn from. Second, last night I did
the piece below, which made me happy; the sarangi is a difficult
instrument, and I'm making (I think) interesting music on it. It's
played with a bow and the left hand doesn't press the strings onto
the fingerboard, but presses against them from the side with the
nails. A good player can get 3-4 octaves on the high string alone.)

Sarangi, other

This morning my hands do work my mind is off, there are gnats
and insects in a sphere, I can't type without additional in-
fluxions for example 'spheration' and last night I did make
sarangi music, or music with sarangi, not by any case means
was it tradition nor do I aspire to that in this life time or
time of life without preparation decades but I am happy with
this for once. Now I use a pepper-and-salt bow. My sarangi
bow is artificial hair, next to impossible for the bite. I
wake this morning and listen and am happy with this. I am
happy with this, a long way down the path I still walk and
play the mood in.

https://youtu.be/6o6YdVvnOKo VIDEO

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