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Fri Jun 11 03:45:58 CEST 2021

A few things, first in regard to qm, where I'm coming from - years ago I
did some work for John Brockman, interviewing physicists (series of
videos), including Heinz Pagels, who worked in particle physics. I also
talked to him about some models I was working on that I thought related to
qm and he said "I don't care what you do, just don't call it physics." I
was in my 20s and obviously that hurt. I was devastated. As a result I've
tried to read as much science as possible, and I've avoided making any
claims as to the relevance of my work to science; the nearest I've gotten
to it is using the propositional calculus (Piaget wrote a good book on it)
and things like neither-a-nor-b and not-both-a-and-b functions - and the
phenomenology that accompanies them. I'm excited to hear that there may be
relationships between blockchain and qm; I'd be curious how the models
would relate on a deep level. I should mention I was also influenced by
catastrophe theory, however discredited that is as fundamental, and that
I've read, or tried to read, Leondard Susskind's books on the theoretical
minimum one needs to know to begin doing physics or mechanics or quantum
mechanics or relativity. (It's a series.) So I'm wary about the
relationship between art and theoretical science; although I use technology
(and some programming at times) well, I see huge gaps between that and
what's concretely going in in theoretical physics and the arts. Hopefully
I'm wrong, and I know someone who has made art around the Large Hadron
Collider for example. (If I could have my life over, I would have focused
on theoretical physics, but I'm too neurotic to have stayed the course.)

Also want to mention I've been having a weird tingling in my left arm that
actually "travels" down to my left hand and also down my left foot - this
has been in occasional waves this afternoon. I'm seeing a doctor tomorrow -
it's not heart-attack related but I've also been getting migraines?
Coincidence, I think so. A lot of people I know are going through various
things, my heart, our hearts, go out to them. In my case, I doubt very much
it's anything to worry about.

take care, hopefully all will be well with everyone, until, of course, it
won't, and hopefully that won't be for a good long time -

Best, Alan in strange days


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