[NetBehaviour] Eat your place in space

Paul Hertz ignotus at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 20:01:53 CEST 2021

Always words, words on the list. Let me offer you some cake.

This is from the very first iteration of "A comer tu lugar en el espacio" /
"Eat your place in space," in the Palau Maricel, Sitges, Spain, Fall 1982.
The work consists of a geometric tiling design on the floor, usually done
with tape, and the same design on a cake. Participants take a piece of cake
and walk over to the corresponding spot on the floor, where they eat their
location in space. The design was based on a generative system I was
developing at the time, later known as IgnoTheory.

The cake was made by my friend Marcelino Chacon, a skilled pastry chef. He
decorated the cake with cocoa powder and different dried fruits. Our young
son is looking on in anticipation, as is the pianist Charles Miles.

The work has been repeated various times, notably in 1992 in Chicago.

I ate my place in space and I am still here. Some of the participants, I've
never seen again.

[image: image.png]

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