[NetBehaviour] Netbehaviour renewal - Occupy? a commons? by a fire, in the ruins in an ancient woodland

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Sat Jun 12 21:00:14 CEST 2021

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> Finally, I would be curious to hear your feelings about this proposal for
> list renewal.
> =======================
> Over a 1 month period starting xxx
> We invite all subscribers to do one of 3 things
> 1. Make a post on any topic or responding to anyone else's post
> 2. Send an email with "Happy Lurker" in the subject header
> 3. Do nothing.
> At the end of this time, moderators could
> 1. gather a list of everyone who posted
> 2. unsubscribe everyone else.
> In this way we will know who we are, we will be able to see ourselves
> collectively and know who is in the woods.
> This is something we can do intermittently.
> ========================
> If you all love, hate or have alternative suggestions to this idea I'd
> love to know.
Hi Ruth,

The invitation to post on any topic and/or respond to another post is a
good one to open up discussion to broader topics.

When I was more active on here I always took "networked distributed
creativity" as something allowing me to post, but deliberately reading it
as 'network distributed' rather than 'networked & distributed' - I'm quite
useless at networking be it technologically, or socially and professionally.

Creativity was to me always the thread weaving through it all - but I
manage to see that thread pretty much in all aspects of my life however
tenuously connected to the arts that may be - which is something I'm
interested in posting about.

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