[NetBehaviour] happening yesterday -

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jun 13 00:27:59 CEST 2021

happening yesterday -


At the Doctor's yesterday for x-ray and bloodwork and dealing
with the strange falling-asleep-muscle-sensation in my left arm
that spread to my hand then up to my left shoulder then down my
left side to my left leg and then down my left leg and it was
difficult to stand and etc. and had a long discussion with the
doctor who had never heard of these symptoms, the cycle would
disappear and then return a while later, left shoulder left
wrist left arm left hand left side upper leg lower leg throb
throb as if the organs fell asleep and then going away and then
beginning again. so the bloodwork still waiting and the xray
things somewhat fine. So then I dictated below and we went out
and found a jumping spider we hadn't seen before and a Ozyptila
americana crab spider and a beautiful lynx spider and a live
scrambled egg slime which was amazing and a desiccated scrambled
egg slime and so the fauna were alive and healthy around the
office building which was near a highway back to Providence. So
still trying to figure out what happened, those events, and
right now nothing today at all but the usual being and nothing,
being and existence, being and nothingness, still thrown off and
worried what happens if it happens again and my left side no
longer functions. Waiting for the lab results and word from the

and while at the medical center -

Wow when is this will pick up over there 21 BMW 330i xDrive
sedan for 4:39 per month what's worse but something's happening
over there it doesn't make any sense to me we're stuck in this
doctor's office and there's no place to even put up. Down so I
had chest x-rays and then now we're here so I can talk about the
Dizzy spell that I had yesterday several dizzy spells I've
started in my hand and I'll started in my arm and then moved
down to my hand I'm back up to my arm so that the arm forearm
and hand were buzzing and then move down my leg and the entire
leg was also going numb hand don't really know what was causing
that which is why we're at the doctor's office but there's ads
now for Etsy and things like that that are driving me crazy cuz
we're here and I'm getting a headache that's bordering on
migraine but I noticed it's spelled s a correct but it Miss his
other stuff in their culture what it's missing here although I
really don't want to buy a BMW I'd rather die that might
actually happen there is a animated cockroach I was just killed
or just disgusting I'll get back to this in a minute or two. So
if I could kick in an extra thousand dollars it would be a
Tuesday do you have anything to say it'll just had to it don't
have anything to say I can't take the phone away I can't take
the phone away if you don't take the phone away Dada Dada Dada
Dada Dada

(apologies to everyone for my weird mood)


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