[NetBehaviour] Storytelling and sorting

Pall Thayer pallthay at gmail.com
Wed Jun 16 19:37:04 CEST 2021

Most of us, who spend lots of time making computers do things, know about
data and how easily it can be manipulated to tell vastly different stories.
A database is a completely abstract way of storing big amounts of data. The
database itself doesn't care what kind of data it is, what it's meant to
record or what any of it means. But when we extract that data from a
database, we lend meaning to it by sorting it. We could probably find some
news outlets who present the exact same data but manipulate its meaning by
sorting it in different ways.

Lately, I've been applying these notions to digital images. Digital images
are simply data that have been sorted in a specific way to present a
specific image. But, just like with textual and numerical data, we can
re-sort this data to create new stories (see attached).

Ps. submitting this to stay on the list! Thanks for all you do Ruth and

Pall Thayer

Pall Thayer
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