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Thu Jun 17 04:15:04 CEST 2021


https://youtu.be/wt7kYcA2NNg VIDEO

Why, specificially? I lost my train of thought. It could be.
Julu Twine: I lost my train of thought. in a Paris train 1963,
blond woman arguing with me on the corner at Brown University to
the train station downtown. I took the 6:16 to New bank. I looked
into the water as I walked towards the train station; I
outbreath, entered the navel: water becoming blood entered the
generative life, water and other liquids, as well as gases, are
not considered covered in dirt and water that I'm drowning in you
is that my injured and water that I'm drowning in you is that my
mouth is your fishing on me and I'm drowning in you water Iw'm
getting Background flute a bit, use other version? with brand
breath life breed exhalation flute fret fret brood s sound - f
flute o or w woodwind. t true absence, the distant flute and no
one is coming in the dance of spirits, carapace. another word.
capital = sound f flute or w woodwind. t Putnam Connecticut 2021

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