[NetBehaviour] Inhale Theory

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Mar 1 21:11:08 CET 2021

Inhale Theory


Inhale ingest the enemy. It's weak, it can hardly move. It can't
do anything. Something swallows. My left hand is visible in full.
Behind me, a basketball court. You can tell. A gymnasium. Maybe
has seen better days. I am infused. I wait for a reaction. None
is forthcoming. Nothing at all. I become being, Being. Being
waits for dismissal, leaves before the imperative. I am
multitudes, a song's name, a truth, a different form, akin to
nebula, streams, gas, dark matter, the matter of the Oort Cloud.
When I begin I dissolve. I am dissolution. When all of this is
gone <he sweeps his hand in an indeterminate direction>, and you
carry narrative forth into the inconceivable, that is gone.
Inhale, exhale. I insist you abandon here at this juncture }{ or
aqueduct any form of ground below. Your fundamentals are not
mine, yours are far beyond me. They are streams in dissolution.
Do you remember ice? ICE? Any of this.

Inhale digest the enemy. This give me parameter, the parametric.
The symbolsymbolic [] never leaves the page. Sheet of assertion.
Of insertion. The enemy is carapace, drawn lineages over-coming-
over body, material, incision. Incision cuts through category. I
say at least through skin and perhaps bone gristle tubules of
blood, semen, flux. How long with this last. I say I think now of
10 millennia. I did not think so small between viaduct {[ and
symbolsymbolic. I did not think _thus._ I no longer think _thus._

I hate the memory this machine brings forth repeatedly, as if a
past is (being) constructed, a permanence, memorial pages on
Facebook. The stream transforms through splatter semiotics into
bleakly and momentarily stabilized vortices. As if there were
objects. ]{ Transformations. As if nothing has always already
disappeared. This _ground_ cuneiform. This _ground up_ cuneiform.
This _incised._

It is matterless whether we despair, whether there is _we._ It is
inconsequential. Consequence is non-existence. This is erasure
theory, erased theory, theory of erasure, erasure of theory. What
this is. What is is.

Black hole. Interior of the photon. Economy of the Planck
constants. Continuous generation of largest primes. Continuous
generation of their factorials. Continuous bitcoin mining.
Continuous generation of their power structures. Continuous
generation of extinctions of non-humans. Continuous generation of
humans. Continuous production of increase of particle accelerator
size. Continuous heat. Interior of the origin of the universe.
Exterior of multiverses. Interior of multiverses. Exterior of
inconceivables. Interior of inconceivables.

[|] If you can see where this is going, you're better than I am.
If you can understand the theoretical bias in terms of temporal
vectors with handy Ackermann's function increases, you're better
at summary. The symbol is a false construction, a totalizing
construction, and necessary bricolage. I would leave it at that.

Alan wonders if he will be around to see anything. It is time now
for the fourth booster shot. Is there someone nearby who has the
time to insert the needle? Is there someone else nearby who has
the relevant vaccine? Is the vaccine relevant? Is relevance


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