[NetBehaviour] call for collaborators in simple anti racist project

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Hi Patrick I’m replying here ( although you also mailed me individually) because I wanted firstly to thank you for doing something and secondly to say I can’t use it. The project is a political one not an art project - I’ve had a good number of pieces which are simply people as requested speaking to camera in an expression of solidarity or allyship - anything different would call attention to itself massively and also run the risk of being misinterpreted as levity. I’d hoped the context was clear - it arises out of my political, not my artistic involvement. Most of the contributors will be local to where I live. I posted it here because I thought ( rightly I believe) that people would agree with its thrust and message. I’d be really delighted to have one from you, simply saying the words to camera, if you’d like to... with warmest wishes Michael

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Here is my contribution. Let me know if you think it might be offensive – it’s meant to actually strip me of all my white/male/cisgender… It’s cyberqueer catvid.


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Hi everyone.

I'm making a video for Harlow and Bishops Stortford Stand up to Racism groups for the UN Anti Racism Day international events on March 20th . We normally take part in a national physical demonstration in the UK in this date but we're having to exercise our imaginations this year. At the least it gives us the opportunity to invite participation from people in lots of different locations.


The idea is this:


Video yourself, landscape format, saying 


" My name is [first name] and I want to live in a world without racism "


You then e mail it to me at this address (or WhatsApp it to me : zero zero four four seven nine seven nine eight four two three six two ) and I will stitch every contribution into a film with music. I hope the end result will be simple but powerful.


If your main language is not English we actively encourage you to record in that language.


We will run the eventual piece on the day on FB, Twitter, Insta and YouTube


with warm thanks for listening and even warmer hopes that you send me something :)



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