[NetBehaviour] Men and Violence

marc garrett marc.garrett2 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 23:02:30 CET 2021

Society has never been honest about hegemonic masculinity and violence.
Violence is exploited for power and cultural domination rather than looked
at in ways that allow it to evolve beyond the trappings of where it lies
Yet, this is not new; it's tediously old and repetitive. We are trapped
within heterosexual frameworks, and they're not fit for purpose. These
patriarchal social constructs are killing people. We need to move on and
open things up. Be brave and be more than the societal misinformation,
defining our connections, ourselves and others as absolutes.
It is rarely explored playfully, imaginatively or with conscious acts of
mutual agency. Thus it becomes something else, distorted and owned by those
who own our existences on their terms, not ours.
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