[NetBehaviour] Up for Down

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Mar 12 03:25:13 CET 2021

Up for Down


Garklein recorder or sopranissimo recorder or piccolo recorder
in combination with revrev lowering 1/24 and 1/48 frequency
among other combinations. Difficult to recorder, use as much
bass as possible, be careful w/ the subsonics. Because this is
as much an experimental setup as music per se.

How to make music from this is equivalent to using the recorder
as a catalyst to activate the extreme low frequencies. I found
that this required 'coaxing' their production in three ways:
moving the recorder in relation to the microphone; adjusting the
time intervals of note production and duration; and working with
pitch in two ways: adding vocalisms and using high and low
"swoops" to begin to catch and sustain the lowest frequencies at
the right part of the cycle. So the music in a sense is "about"
its production.

"gardensb garkleinflote garrocks garthstevensonhorizon garudayes
Bosun's whistle and garkleinflote through revrev supercollider;
garkleinflote, flute, soprano recorder, bosun's whistle so
interference/beat frequencies/harmonics; the garkleinflote is
garkleinblockflte / << flute / << red squirrel chatter against
the waves the waves responding to the glass of the garkleinflote
music garkleinflote. there is much happiness among the cars. the
cars don valley x, happy cars x, happy music x, garkleinflote x
are vessels, the garkleinflote, the cupping of the hands, the
garkleinflote Geneve genidentical genidentity genital genitals
generation of music generations of recorders generations of
recordings" - the usual condensations, textual waveforms,
emergent meanings, somatic ghostings, where is the body in the
music, what are the parameters of the auditory spectra here?



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