[NetBehaviour] demons

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri Mar 12 21:39:08 CET 2021



fear of demons
fear of detention isolation
refugees and children of refugees
of the violent city
of the violent forces of the city
of disappearing and kidnapping
of massacre
of violence against the body
of bodies against bodies
of the random bullet in the night
of the targeted bullet in the night
in the day
at noon
at those hours after noon
of the knock at the door in the early morning
in the early afternoon
in the middle of the night
of torture of unknowing of blind unknowing
of arms and legs of knives of hooks of teeth
of disease and mistreatment
of screams in the night and screams in the day
of illness and foreclosure and homelessness
of the violent countryside
of camps and encampments
wanderings and borders and violent borders
caught in cars and trucks of making a run for it
of tears of no one to wipe them away
of no food no water no clean water
of sounds across the way down the street
of swarms of bullets
of gas of being gassed
fear of no word from them no word nothing
of them of words from them
of fists and bullets from them
of smashing kicking of dying this way
of dying this way dying that way
of all of this of all of that
nothing and nothing else of running this way
and that of running that way
of us of them
of no trace of him or her of no message
no message but fear of demons beware them
fear of demons beware them
of their bodies and their arms beware them
of their screams beware them
your screaming that is their screaming against you
their screaming that is their screaming against you
nothing but time but running or staying in place
staying quiet in place about them
staying very quiet
of silence of dead silence
of noise of dead noise

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