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So mind thon time we went off in that really small travelling machine? You know - the one we had to zip ourselves into practically. It was like a sort of zip lock carryall bag, or rather a leatherette lipstick, about two yards high and a yard wide. Like a valise into which we climbed, then squirmed the zip fastener shut?

Err yeah, I do remember that time Bron.

Leo strokes his massive whiskery beard and twirled
His moustache.

Yep, that one could zip between clouds - over quite
High hedges, even trees and 
Could skim across lakes and
Rivers. Had that ground lift
Affect. It was psychological
And fun but disorientating
Because it also flickered and
Had occasion to jump
Into different universes -
Right into a rainbow, a veritable plethora of infinities.

He hunched his shoulders
And cracked his neck muscles, then turning to Bron
He flipped a notebook
He had in his hand, open and
Skimmed it at her unexpectedly.

Bron sighed and caught the
Improvised missile in her
Left hand.

Anyway - she said - first we
Went off to Sligo in it, but then
It zipped across to another
Possible future and we found
Ourselves right up the old
Creek. We were in that weird 
Universe riding on tiny blue
Glowing donkeys with our
Noses so cold. We held hands for a while then you
Noticed we had a guide - a thing that looked unto a
Triangle with curved sides. 
It trembled then caressed 
Our senses with controlling
Beams of something or other. It smelled of temple incense and Christmas crackers when they snap and go bang pop!

Jesus H, I do remember it so
Vivid and all. Y’all - he quipped.

We extrapolated from the smoke - it’s direction of drift,
And managed to plot a course across the undulating 
Tussocks of golden grass - 
Well it was tiny threads of copper wire all around and 
Blankets of snowy silky sheets that billowed so calmly that it minded me of
Up in Ulster by the sea Loch - the frothy waves and gallant
Sea birds etc.

Ha ha yeah - Bron replied as
She leaned through the almanac in her hand.

She noticed some photos glued in the book. 

Nice rendering of me by that
Nymphette by the way.

Ta - said L.

So do you recall how we got 
Back to our usual universe?

Mmmm... Bron rolled her eyes sideways and caught 
A flea that was about to bite
Her knuckle - she popped it

I declare that we had to bite
The triangle and try to eat it,
But it wouldn’t have it and we
Then had to imagine it was actually a circle. That seemed to bypass its coding,
Algorithm or whatever - oh yeah it was a universe of vectors etc. Oh I can’t stand mathematics as you know. So dull, and predictable outcomes - no poetry. Well maybe it’s just me... 

She scratched her armpit and continued -

We patted the donkeys and 
Called au revoir then jumped in the bloody hold-all and
Vanished. Ha ha. No problemo my old son init!

Yes, but you forgot we came back via earth in 4067.  It was really quiet. Cats ruled. Jungles and forests had taken over and people were 
Living inside leaves by then.
The egg heads had sorted that all out for everyone’s benefit. People loved being inside leaves. They couldn’t get enough of it. Cats prowled the forest looking for 
Mice and humans squirmed 
In the stomata - we was blind by then. We inhabited a 
Vortex of smoky crystalline in
A green dimension of
Beauteous and unadorned paradise! A fuckin parade of nothingness liken unto a spark of unfathomable chaos . Or as the tribesmen say: down time - pure jazz or even jazzoetry - like Bird or
Trane we could swim in the 
Biblical river of pure scintillating vibration. Experiencing our inner beings. Free of confusion in
Language and symbols merely existing like fireflies.

Bron nodded sagely -

But it was good to get back home - after all, we had left
The stoat house without any
Provisions - and - we were meeting up with a Saracen spy. Down at the local.

Oh yes, I recall...

Speaking of which - shall we...?

Link to the drawing https://www.instagram.com/p/CMaXbdoHK_h/?igshid=1j83mpys6cuq3


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