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Hello netbehaviour audience,

I hope this email finds you well and that you are piqued by our forthcoming
free and participatory Zoom event.

'To the Rotundas' Mycelia #4 Launch Event

Mycelia magazine invites you to participate in a free and live programme
curated by authors and artists of Issue 4

Launch Event: Part One
for Mycelia, Issue 4

Mycelia is a magazine for literature and art that engage with the weird and
the eerie. Inspired by weird fiction and the late Mark Fisher’s
conceptualisation of the weird and the eerie in contemporary culture,
Mycelia publishes new work on those themes by authors and artists from
around the world, reserving a minimum number of places for Scotland-based
creative practitioners. Mycelia is the first magazine in Scotland dedicated
to weird fiction, and we want to help Scottish writers and artists who work
in that genre to connect with the international scene.

Issue 4 was published in December 2020 and features short stories in the
weird, speculative and science fiction traditions, poetry, photography,
interdisciplinary and experimental prose, and book reviews. The subject
matter includes climate disaster dystopias, a metaphysical erotic horror on
embodied identity, future wars playing a role in contemporary art, a
meta-narrative on the hero archetype in space-bound science fiction, a
landscape documentary on the VOR stations around the world, sardonic
illustrations inspired by Aubrey Beardsley and the H. P. Lovecraft cthulhu
mythos, and poetry on consumption and internet culture.

The magazine is published by Hedera Felix, an independent non-profit press
in Glasgow, Scotland, whose non-profit commitment is to enrich Scottish
people on low incomes by providing free opportunities to learn or develop
publishing skills.


The following authors and artists have collaboratively curated the
evening's programme:

- Conor Baird, visual artist in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
- William Joys, visual artist in London, UK
- Amanda Minkkinen, writer in Copenhagen, Denmark
- Ema Pina, visual artist in London, UK
- Ryan J Smith, writer and musician in Margate, UK

Together, the Part One panel will present live and pre-recorded
*performances*, original new *video work,* *readings*, *critical
discussions*, and *an interview with special guest, Stephen Toman, author
of the three weird fiction novels known as **The Badwater Trilogy (*Malki
Press, Edinburgh: 2019 to 2020).

(Full details of the programme are on the Eventbrite page – see link below!)


At the end of each segment, we'll open the floor on Zoom to the audience to
send us questions for the authors and artists, and the editors of Mycelia.
We want to share our knowledge and insights — and be stimulated by what you
ask! We love our audience!


There will be prizes. Mysteriously, on the night our panel will entreat you
the audience to take part in the competitions. Prizes include books,
magazines, and quite possibly, more. (More info about the comps is
available on the Eventbrite page, see link below…)



Join us at 7 pm (GMT) on Friday, 26 March 2021, on Zoom (it's free)

Register via Eventbrite at



This event is the first of a series of online events to present and expand
on Issue 4 of Mycelia. Part Two will take place on Friday, 23 April 2021,
and will feature:

- Annie Schoonover, a poet living in Minnesota, USA

- Ignacio Evangelista, a photographer and researcher in Madrid, Spain

- Mauricio Montiel Figueiras, a writer, poet and scholar in Mexico City,

- Klara Kofen, theatre director, artist and writer, in London, UK

- Stephen O'Donnell, writer, in Dublin, Ireland



Sign up to our newsletter via our website to keep abreast:



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