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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 2 00:53:18 CEST 2021


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they're not the only story, or
rather, they _are_ the story but
that's \par nothing - what's going
on in the world isn't story at
all. We tend to make \par scripts
of things around us - that's how
we get along. For example, \par
there's the restaurant script (and
this example of course isn't mine)
- I \par enter a restaurant I've
never been in before, but I know
exactly what to \par do; there's a
restaurant script and subscripts;
we don't make it up \par
immediately - that would be far
too costly - but rely on
constructing, \par memory,
reconstructing, and so forth, and
there we are, eating together.
\par And it's eating together,
because scripts, like the world,
are consensual \par and build
community.\par \par Somebody said
something like aye, there's the
rub of it - and that's it, \par
precisely; the world rubs one,
_worlding_ is a form of rubbing -
which \par makes virtual worlds
such as Second Life all the more
perplexed, where \par rubbing and
any physics has to be _intended_
by someone, a programmer, or \par
nothing would happen at all.
Still, in second life, one might
have bodies \par or rather one
might _inscribe_ bodies with
writing, and this body writing
\par I call _wryting_ and it
occurs in the real world as well.

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