[NetBehaviour] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~covid

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon May 3 06:16:59 CEST 2021



I'm after a delusion, a ruse, chimera, an absence, a ghost, a
hallucination, a switch in ontology, a loosening of ontology, a
disappearance, an illusion, there's nothing there, the imperial
philosophy's border guard, I hide within the molecular, the
atomic, the basic particle, the transport particles, the
postulated particles and up the ladder, up higher, up higher
towards the objects, towards the disappearances, inhabiting the

I'm about covid, about covid appearance, about dissemination,
dissemination disappears, what's left, a stain, a smear, a
coagulation, a stickiness, a sleaziness, a tawdriness, something
uncomfortable, something undefined, a smell, an odor, a residue,
about covid disappearance, about covid evanescence, about
tremors, illusions, allusions, ectoplasms and plasms, molecular

I'm about morphologies, codecs smeared across suffering, death,
breathings, I'm about nothing, the numinous, ineffable,
exhausted, afterthoughts, contraries, waywards, unutterables,
ululations, time smeared, space smeared, shattered ontologies,
eruptions, irruptions, raggedness, broken serrations, self
destructions, destructions of selves, loss, unbreathings,
immolations, dampness, fallings, failings, fogs everywhere,
fogs nowhere, nothing looming everything,

I'm about on me on them under me under them under those beside
them beneath them inside me inside them beside those inside those
above them those within me those within inside beside you those
below without under you on you under us

I'm about you and about us and about them and about the failure
of translucency, transparency, raster, digitals and analogics, to
say one foot after the other, one turn of the head, one thought
already covert and covered, disseminated and diffused and already
gone, one shrug of the shoulders, blink of the eyes, one
anything, one nothing, one of one of nothing and anything and at
all, at all of

~~~~~~~~~~arrogant surfeit failing I'm about


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