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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed May 5 06:47:33 CEST 2021


https://youtu.be/l9HM2vZHKE0 VIDEO

This isn't the best thing of course; I'm attempting to play an
acoustic guitar, in this case the Musima, without hearing or
seeing it - in other words, the instrument would be silent except
for the sense of touch. In this way, I test the haptic relation
between me and the Musima - how touch and vibration alone might
convey position and the acoustic production, a form of tacit
knowledge that bypasses the obvious. But I could not set the
environment properly, even with work silencers and a blindfold
and the white noise of air-conditioning blocking some of the
remnants of sound leaking through. I talked throughout as well,
which helped; not that much is audible. I keep going back in this
regard to the body itself as a community of transmitters and
receivers - in other words as the focal point of music, possibly
even moreso than the sound itself - for the sound is internalized
for someone who at least practices a great deal - no matter what
is conveyed to the listener. Haptic / tacit knowledge is its own
environment, its own platform in a sense, aligned with the music
itself (with the feedback that implies); on another level one
might talk about the intermingling of data streams, but so much
more is going on here - and data implies protocols and protocol
suites, whereas this accepts anything.

I'm not satisfied with this - at all - but it gives an idea. -

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