[NetBehaviour] Mythic

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue May 11 03:41:23 CEST 2021


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The first two sections of music are in a way a disappointment.
We had just arrived at Leverett. I was exhausted which is no
excuse. It was cold out and I had been doing all of the driving
for the first time in a long time. And it was cold out. And it
was windy. I went outside and began to play shakuhachi.  I
brought two with me a 1.8 and a 1.6. We went out to the pond
area. By the pond I began to play against a whole chorus of bird
song. I found myself unable to deal with the second octave on
the 1.8. The second octave is generally not that difficult but I
have always had problems with it and with the cold and wind I
had more problems with it plus I was tired. So what makes it
interesting? The fact is that it was the weather. The weather
was cold and windy and there were bugs and later we found ticks
on us. Because of that the music was suffering and because of
that I thought it might be worthwhile to put it up anyway. The
third section was more interesting because I was playing in the
car with a woodpecker behind me up in the tree. I relaxed. We
had ticks on us. Sometimes I think if I don't push the music as
hard as I can it's going to disappear on me. The environment
makes it disappear and my muscles make it disappear and the
configuration of my mouth makes it disappear. I have too much
memory. The memory makes the disappearance mythic. The mythic
makes it interesting. This is the mythic which is coming out
against the backdrops of birds. The backdrops of birds are
sometimes in response. I want to believe in that. They're not in
response. They're just in their own world and ignoring my
playing. I want to believe that the pond is conjuring something
up of Interest. I want to believe that the pond has the depth in
it that are almost mythic that I don't understand. But it's a
dry cold day it's a dry cold day it's a dry cold day it's a cry
dry cold day and a windy day. And all of this is against that.
Later we went on inside and made beautiful music with shakuhachi
and violin and guitar. I was playing with Stephen who is playing
violin and viola and 5-string violin. The dictating is ruining
this and the language is collapsing and saying things that it
wasn't intended to say and this so parallels this is where
whenever language so powerful allows the evening dusk darkness
slight wind and rain I'm cold and ticks and the buzzing of other
insects around while I struggled with an instrument out of pure
exhaustion that I wasn't able to get to notes that I wanted to
but maybe there's enough of interest as it builds. Later we made
beautiful music. There were ticks around on us. (I exaggerate
the ticks.) The sky was cold the instruments were were cold and
I just was not able to get that second octave at least not from
time to time. Dear God forgive me and come within my arms and
make beautiful music with the birds.

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