[NetBehaviour] Dystopian Music

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu May 20 03:52:33 CEST 2021

Dystopian Music

https://youtu.be/JKfvBD5Nfsc VIDEO

shot with a 20 year old Sony DSC-F717 camera, which takes great
images, even now (see the mullein and cacti images up on my Fb
page), but handles video poorly - the instrument is my viola
Braguesa with 8 instead of 10 strings; the strings are loose and
rattle; the sound is actually somewhat deep but the video sound
is poor; I'm huddled on the floor; Azure's shooting the video;
the music reminds me of Joyce's thunder speaking; of Armageddon;
of the torrents of the imminent; of the absence of absence; of
you; of me; of what seems to be the eternal internal lockdown
even now for so many of us; of sleeplessness and anomie; of all
and nought at all; of emanents huddled within the viola; of
some words I heard them speak O Alan We Love Dystopian Music So;
O Alan we love you too; then we huddle on the floor together;
Azure has the camera; we don't really call it a video camera; I
begin to play; the emanents rattle around; O Sleep personified;
O Sleep awake;

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