[NetBehaviour] CLUTTERLIFE

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun May 23 02:48:51 CEST 2021



It has been a question often disputed but never determined
CLUTTERED life depths seed pods and other debris somewhere
whether the qualities of the mind of the composition of the
DOWN in the Providence River to a depth of several
CENTIMETERS during a nondescript position of the
man cause woman most to like whether Beauty and wit move man
TIDE and if we had been able to take a sampling of the
most to Love. By how much the more of the mind is to be
ORGANIC material looking in particular for protozoa
preferred before the body by so much The More The Graces of
INCLUDING stentor and tardigrade as well as algal
the one are to be preferred before the gifts of the other;
STRANDS that seem to be visible in the image. You can see
which if it be so that the contemplation of the inward quality
LIFE hides everywhere in plain view just as my Protozoan
are to be respected more than a few of the outward Beauty then
CONFESSIONS are here among the Lyly-ies of the VALLEY as if
doubtless women either do or should love those best whose
BOTH were the results of euphemism extensions and fecund
virtue is best not measuring the deformed man what the
BEHAVIOURS imitating and migrating in the midost of world
reformed mind. The foul toad has a fair Stone in his head, the
LITERATURES. I recognize this is tawdry and hardly clever
fine gold is found in the hard shell. Virtuous Harvard in the
AS an exercise in futility, but I do assert that every
heart of him than most men esteem is shaping. Contrary wise if
TEXT has its parallel within and among the evolutionary
we respected more the outward shape than the inward habit -
VALLEYS and plateaus within every biome. And demarcate my
good God into how many mischief's do we fall! Into what
WORDS; everything hides in
blindness or we LED! Do we not commonly see that in painted
PLAIN SIGHT and possesses an inconceivable resilience;
pots is hit in the deadliest poison, then in the greenest
BIOME melds into biome; text into texts; there are no
grass is the greatest Serpent, and the clearest water the
BORDERS perhaps but boarders; it is here that I must
ugliest toad? Death not experienced teacher has been in the
TAKE my leave, whatever of I might remain in this
most curious Sepulchre are enclosed rotten bones? At the
WORLD of dank porosities. These this image are the
Cypress free bear with a fairly but no food? Delta Estridge
THINGS that Dreams are made of, not things but
carry a spear feathers but rank flesh? How frantic are those
CLOUDED effusions as I take my
lovers which are carried away with a gay glistening of the
LEAVE and join the other texts of the others, as if
fine face? If you are aware of this part 2 with the Summers
I too might comfort with
Blaze and chipped with a Winter's blast, which is of so short
continuance that are faded before one perceive it flourish, so
small profit that it poisonous those that possess it, I'm so
little value with the wise at the account at a delicate debate
with the deadly hook, sweet Panther with a devouring paunch,
sour poison in the silver pot. John Lily yufu is the anatomy
of wet you fully Ascend his England

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