[NetBehaviour] ~ peer: I dream I have talent.

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Fri May 28 04:40:28 CEST 2021

~ peer: I dream I have talent.


[36D#     Connection reset by peer     #

I dream I have talent. I will peer into the homes of the nth
version, drowned papers, note the following: ever peer virtue
is peer consensus; subjugation through ideological constructs,
help peer nonparallel humans thick cored, tangled strands. You
peer within, examine what was once a sin, I hope that you will
let me in. rethinking it, arc across night, Let us peer
through CHEMistry in one another, let us calm mirrors, ugly
and unconscionable ruin the morning, fitful. hiding peer peers
me, so that: I burrow in my work, inhabit it, peer out,
disparage within the aegis of the linear.

We might think we peer into our first site - the camera leaves
the avatar altogether, pulled him up short. It's without peer
this is nonparallel and without peer when humans are always
already a reification by virtue of consensus:

What is reification but consensus?

Or this sign.** always already a reification by virtue of peer
and other wanderers among the riches of the world, peering
over barriers, simply movement ordering out-groups and
in-groups, as if there were partnership.

Now let us peer through the kindness of CHEMistry at one
another, let us calm each other, look up at me peer down at
me. Someday the doctor will come and she will take all of this

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