[NetBehaviour] the rain falls up, i'll explain later

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat May 29 01:30:23 CEST 2021

the rain falls up, i'll explain later

https://youtu.be/ODhRbZ4942I VIDEO

the rain falls up
crashed silence
what i should have done with creatures above my control
what they might have been or should have been
what kind of chance have they in this world when
what kind of chance has this world

inspired by the electronic literature organization
this vision held forth and refused to let me sleep, no it
said, not until this completes, so given that you know
the rest, i'll explain everything, i'll explain everything

the world is about sheen and shimmer, even as dark matter
burrows through what might be considered nightclub tawdry,
nightclub sleazy

do we stoop to conquer or rise to surrender, i'm tired of
unbearable and elusive content everywhere at 5 a.m. in
the morning

know this, that these are not clashes but collusions one
and an other melding

that they come from utterly different worlds and
fabrications, setups and stages in artificial growth,
that they command real growth and now hold me in their
command and abeyance as time draws out somewhere uncanny
or i might try to explain why you should watch this and
what it has to do with electronic literature

o spheres! o timerities! oceans of begging obeisance,

the rain falls up
i'll explain everything later

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