[NetBehaviour] Like Buses

rhea rhea at hey.com
Mon May 31 04:14:02 CEST 2021

Heya everyone.

Thank you for your kind wishes. I massively appreciate it.

I have more (but different) news! Some of the blockchain work I've made
since 2014 has got more artworld attention over the last few months. 👀

I have work in a show -


An Auction (there's a video of me talking about the work on the page) -


And a book -


Also @coin_artist has very kindly credited me as an advisor for a piece
that *she* has at auction -


It's interesting to see what grabs people's imagination. And how much
money I could have made if I had either worked with NFTs from the start
or waited until this year. 😺

- Rhea.
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