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Hi Ruth and others,

To be honest, it might be better to let Netbehaviour go, if you feel like
this; the great thing about it, for me, is that it is a completely open
platform; people can post what they want to it. When you talk about being
"someone else's guest" you're talking about a very different structure like
empyre, which has guests and topics. Netbehaviour has been and at least for
me continues to be more of a community. To "hangout" as well implies themes
or something like Discord channels.

I've found Netbehaviour invaluable; I wouldn't have gone personally in the
directions of blockchains, Larf, the work others are doing here - and
that's what makes it so important - that it's a level playing field. If you
do want to end it, please do of course. For me, I value the community.

Precisely because Annie objects, it feels like that, like a community. And
I think we need all sorts of viewpoints; it feels open, and people come and
go when it's functioning well. I was thinking that this list had less
activity because of Covid, but the two (smaller) lists I run have bounced

Of course if you find it a burden, Ruth, that's another issue altogether.
For me I don't want people to "take the list in another direction" or any
direction at all. The value is that it's not a stream, that it's not
dedicated one way or another. I'm interested in seeing not what it might
become, as you say, but what it is. It reminds me of when I was at
Furtherfield; people did all sorts of things...

And of course I'm willing to have the list disappear if that's what people
want; I'm running two lists, Cybermind and Wryting-L; these *are*
communities and have been for decades. Wryting-L is dedicated to people's
writing/writhing/wreathing in - creative work, Cybermind is much quieter
now, a community that began in 1994 with me Michael Current who died at a
very young age. But we continue on and it's incredibly rewarding.

Best, Alan

On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 6:46 AM Ruth Catlow via NetBehaviour <
netbehaviour at lists.netbehaviour.org> wrote:

> Dear All,
> Thanks for raising the question Alan.
> I agree with Edward that art* as* conversation has moved to platforms
> like Instagram. I follow a lot of early (and not so early) personal net art
> inspirations there - Auriea Harvey, Kate Southworth, Gretta Louw and Marc
> Garrett;) - whose work seems to be turning away from reflexive and
> media-critical concerns and returning to image production for a million
> reasons.
> Congratulations Rhea, for your contribution to artistry and explanation in
> the tough-to-navigate terrain of art blockchain and NFTs - I find your
> Southebys video an example of clarity and generosity. The breadcrumbs show
> looks very lively!
> I find the sharing of links an excellent way to have a kind of
> conversation because it allows people to port into different conversations
> where they occur (in their native territory). It's laborious to try and
> convey all the contexts if everyone isn't involved in the same
> explorations. I find it harder to follow long textual conversations here
> in-list.
> Annie, if you have questions I don't understand why you start with a
> declaration of hate. I did try (very imperfectly) to respond to questions
> about NFTs and energy, earlier this year, and I thought we had built some
> shared understanding in the process. One of the things I struggled with at
> that time was the realisation that Netbehaviour no longer functioned for me
> as a community of practice. By which I mean we are no longer united by a
> spirit of common investigation - where people learn, critique, explore
> together - the polarisation is too strong. I participate in a number of
> telegram and discord channels for this purpose now, but I give the most
> energy to those projects in which I am an active participant. My favourite
> "conversations" are inter-media and they co-create artistic community. I'd
> happily talk more about some examples of these (maybe I'll send some links
> soon;)
> This list is still very important to me personally - but it somehow sits
> outside of time and production. This sense is emphasised by Alan's use of
> it as a daily performance platform- this keeps the list alive and sets a
> particular tone. I feel it is peopled by a longstanding community of
> artist, techie and thinker friends, connected by a shared experience of the
> early web, who are all "becoming" and are sometimes curious about each
> others' ways and discoveries. The spirit of kind curiosity about art and
> sociality is what I value most here. It feels like an unmanicured part of
> the art-nature web, and I learn from it.
> So...
> Here's a question we have been talking about at Furtherfield...* Is it
> time for us to hand on the Netbehaviour baton?*
> Perhaps this group of people would be better served by a more focused,
> structured approach, or another style of approach entirely. Personally, I'd
> love to see where other people might take it. I can imagine it suddenly
> shapeshifting into an entirely different creature.
> What does everyone think? Would anyone like to take it on? Does it feel
> like the right time?
> Do let us know. Here or in a private email. We can talk about what it
> might be, and become.
> We would be happy to support the baton handover process and I personally
> would love to come and hang out with you all as someone else's guest; )
> warmly
> Ruth
> On Mon, May 31, 2021 at 3:14 AM rhea via NetBehaviour <
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>> Heya everyone.
>> Thank you for your kind wishes. I massively appreciate it.
>> I have more (but different) news! Some of the blockchain work I've made
>> since 2014 has got more artworld attention over the last few months. 👀
>> I have work in a show -
>> https://nagel-draxler.de/exhibition/breadcrumbs/
>> An Auction (there's a video of me talking about the work on the page) -
>> https://www.sothebys.com/en/buy/auction/2021/natively-digital-a-curated-nft-sale-2/secret-artwork-content
>> And a book -
>> http://www.postmediabooks.it/2021/303surfing/9788874903030.htm
>> Also @coin_artist has very kindly credited me as an advisor for a piece
>> that *she* has at auction -
>> https://onlineonly.christies.com/s/proof-sovereignty-curated-nft-sale-lady-pheonix/coin-artist-b-1985-18/121279
>> It's interesting to see what grabs people's imagination. And how much
>> money I could have made if I had either worked with NFTs from the start or
>> waited until this year. 😺
>> - Rhea.
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